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Bhramari Pranayama or Bhramari breathing or Bumblebee Breath is a relaxing breath exercise that may completed anywhere. Bhramari is derived from the Sanskrit time period for “bee.” This breath exercise is known as after a form of black Indian bee because of the bee-like humming sound produced for the duration of the exhale. This breath exercise …


Yoga and Jogging

An everyday exercise can improve your fitness and performance—there are various ways. Let’s talk about yoga jog or yoga and jogging, is it beneficial? Should we jog? Should we include this activity in our daily lives? Wanna know about it, scroll down and you’ll get your answers in no time. Yoga and Jogging: Jogging is a lot …

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Yoga Benifits

Cypu Yoga have many benefits. Yoga can help you increase your flexibility and strength. It’s not just for people who can touch tear toes without bending or who want to meditate, it’s for everyone and every person can do it easily. There are different types of yoga, some focus on relaxation, and in some, you can …

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