Best Arm Yoga Postures

In our daily routine, we mostly use arms and shoulders, and if don’t do exercise of arms and shoulder it can lead to several health problems. If you don’t like to go to the gym and use dumbbells, then no problem at all, you can do shoulder and arm yoga postures. You can also lose arm fat with these easy and best arm yoga postures.

These are some yoga postures for an arm.

(Note: Make sure you warm up your body with stretching or cat-cow posture.)

Cactus Arms:

Cactus arm posture is also known as Savasana. Lie on the ground or mat with your arms upward like a cactus is a perfect arm stretch pose. For this posture, lie down on the mat and stretch your feet outward and slightly open. Raise your arms and bend your shoulder in 90 degrees. Now keep your neck straight and keep your shoulder blades rooted to the ground.

Eagle pose:

Eagle posture is also known as Garodasana

(Note: People with knee injuries should do this pose.)

This pose will stretch and strengthen your ankles, thighs, upper back, hips, shoulders and arms. It will also help you with your balance maintenance.

For this pose transfer your weight to your left foot, now lift your right foot, cross your right thigh over your left thigh as high as you left thigh, now your left foot should hooked around your calf, now bring your arms parallel to the ground, cross your left arm over your right arm, now hook your arms and wrap your right palm over left palm, by crossing your wrist. Now relax your shoulders and bring your elbows to approx. height to the shoulders. Your head should be high like an eagle. Stay in that posture for almost 5-10 min.

Reverse prayer posture:

This posture needs to open up your chest. For this open your arms and stretch backward, now join your palms in a prayer posture in an upward direction. Stay in this pose for approx. 5-15 minutes.

This posture increases stretching ability and flexibility in your arms and shoulders. This is a heart-opening pose and a great start to heart openers and deeper back-bends.

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