Car Gift Scheme

Good news for overseas Pakistani’s. Car gift scheme policy has improved and it has made easier by the government of Pakistan. Once in 2 years, Pakistani’s living in other countries or in Saudi Arabia can transport their vehicles (that are used) to their Pakistani relatives.

This procedure can be of 2 types, which include either personal baggage sends through a final exit or gift scheme. What strategy will used? Which documents are needed for the transfer of vehicle? To know about it keep reading.

Limit of Used Car in This Scheme:

In this scheme, a 5-seater car shouldn’t be more than 3 years old, just like that, a 7-seater car shouldn’t be more than 5 years old.

How Can a Car Gifted to a Relative in Pakistan?

A car import shape is issued with aid of using  Commercial Section of  Pakistani Embassy or Consulate below which car may proficient to a blood relative in Pakistan.

Will the Imported Automobile be Obligation-free?

The popular effect of the various humans is that an automobile dispatched below the present scheme could be obligation-free, however, this isn’t the case. However, customs obligation is levied at the vintage automobile.

Pay of Custom Duty:

In order to pay customs obligation, the sender of the car from the country has to additionally switch the quantity of obligation from outside. Duty can amassed on the appearance of the car in Pakistan. Also, upon arrival of the car in Pakistan, the customs officers calculate the obligation in line with the car primarily based totally on the letter issued through the embassy or consulate. This completes the procedure of car switch.

Is there any Monthly Income Limit for Sending a Car to Pakistan?

There aren’t any minimum month-to-month profits restricted for sending a car to Pakistan. The applicant needs to live within the nation for two (2) consecutive years or more.

Documents Required for Car Gift Scheme:

Following files required for automobile gift scheme. Copy of Saudi Iqama. Certificate of month-to-month Salary licensed with the aid of using the Chamber of Commerce. Copy of passport that stamped upon primary arrival to Saudi Arabia. Photocopy of the identification card of the nominated man or woman is being talented with the automobile in Pakistan. The process of the vehicle gift scheme has been simplified. The letter issued right now with aid of using embassy or consulate upon submission of  desired licensed files. Through this process, Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia can present their loved ones with a vehicle.

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