Benefits of Stretching

Everyone does stretch in their daily life when they wake up early in the morning, they stretch their body to remove kinks from the body. While thinking about fitness many people think about doing jogging, doing exercise, but they forget to do stretching. Stretching not only means doing gymnastics it’s also an exercise. There are many benefits of doing stretching. There are some tips before you start stretching.

  1. 1. Before stretching one must worm up his body by jogging or running for a while.
  2. Before doing a static stretch, which we do by stretching one muscle group, stretch and hold until your muscles feel relaxed. You have to make sure that you don’t hold your breath instead you have to breathe frequently.
  3. Whichever method you use for stretching will help you improve your flexibility, and your body will be positively affected by the benefits of stretching.

Stretching Postures:

  • Cobra posture: lie on the floor or mat. Stretch your legs and tops of the feet on the floor. Put your arms on the floor and hug your elbows back into your body.
  • Extended puppy pose: In this pose, your shoulders should be above your wrist and your hips should be above your knees. Move your hand forward and your toes towards the ground.

Benefits Of Stretching:

If you are used to sleeping in positions that can cause neck pain or back pain, then stretching in the morning is very useful for you, all it takes is 5-10 minutes. But stretching your neck won’t be easier. To stretch your neck, you have to face forward, and your back should be straight, then slowly turn your neck down toward your chest and hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat it by turning your neck left and right.

Spending a long time seated and causes back pain. Stretching those muscles can help decrease and alleviate back pain.

Stretching is very beneficial for health because it can improve your flexibility and posture. It has been proven by experts that stretching 15 minutes before exercise can reduce the risk of getting injuries. Many experts recommend doing stretching daily to see the benefits and we must stretch all major muscles and joints.

There are two main types of stretching:

  1. Static stretching.
  2. Dynamic stretching.

Static Stretching:

Static stretching involves stretching joints and muscles and connected tissues for almost 15 seconds. There are many advantages of this stretching but the most important benefit is that less force is applied and it reduces the possibility of damaging tissues.

Dynamic Stretching:

It is an active movement where muscles and joints go through a full range of motion. Dynamic stretches mean to get the body moving. This kind of stretching is not held for any length of time. Dynamic stretches are a series of movements that get the body moving before any kind of exercise. For example, trunk twist, or leg swings against the wall, etc.

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